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Elektramusic is a music label for contemporary, experimental music, improvisation and sound art. Our aim is to create a platform that would present some of the great music that exists outside the mainstream music industry.

Here we offer you to discover the projects and works from composers, musicians and musical ensembles from all over Europe, from north to south and from east to west, to reveal the quality and variety of their talent influenced by their different origins and artistic backgrounds.

We work to put contemporary music online and help music to grow.

We wish you a good listening!


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Fresh news from the music world

  • Explore… Thu Bird and her album “black mind”

    As Thu bird, composer Tuce Alba creates spatial and temporal spaces in different ways in the music with using analogue synthesizers, instruments, field recordings, all kinds o...

  • Discover…Rafael Bresciani – “VOX AETERNA – The Covid variations project”

    Rafael Bresciani, or bresciani, is a sound and media artist who works with data and algorithms. In his work, he crafts sonic contexts by mixing composition, real instrumentation, g...

  • Please meet … Gilles Fresnais

    Paris-born composer Gilles Fresnais studied acoustic and sound engineering. He attended the audio mixing of the Alain Robbe-Grillet film Trans-EuropExpress, performed by Michel Fan...

  • Let us introduce … Gustavo Chab

    Gustavo Chab’s compositions, including works for instrumental, electronic music, and performances frequently explore the spatialization of sound within the composition, mixin...

  • Learn more about… zBlug

    Dom Dubois Taine and Tiri Carreras form zBlug, a duo of improvised music mixing electronic and acoustic percussions. In their new album “Lichens“, each piece explores a...

  • Discover… Yudan Zou – Aphasia

    How did you start music ? At the very beginning: piano – on heavy daily practice, I started out as a young Beethoven fan. Later Rock n’ Roll changed my life: I started ...