Acousmatic works – Edoardo Maria Bellucci

Artist: Edoardo Maria Bellucci
Label: Elektramusic
Release Date: 2023-01-22
Genres: Contemporary, Electroacoustic, Experimental
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2. Ode alla Nostra Dimenticanza
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3. Lettera dalle Trincee di Adrianopoli
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4. Free Field - interazione/riflessione
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The collection “Acousmatic Works” arises from the desire to enclose these four “pure electronic” pieces as a result of a personal growth and evolution in musical expression through the language of acousmatic music. “A bit like a time-varying hiatus resulting from the discovery and study of the history and works by musicians and composers of the last century whom they have corrupted, raped, guided and accompanied my musical horizon and soul”.

Edoardo Maria Bellucci

Edoardo Maria Bellucci (1995) is an electronic/electroacoustic musician, a professional sound engineer and sound designer based in Rome. He graduated from the master’s degree course in Electronic Music Composition at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Rome in 2021 and right now he is professor of Electroacoustics and acoustical engineering at the G. Nicolini Conservatory in Piacenza.

As a composer he is specialized in contemporary electroacoustic and instrumental composition, including works such as film soundtracks, art installations, sonic sculptures and multidisciplinary performances. As a sound engineer he curated many different musical productions, ranging from classical and ancient music to experimental and contemporary repertoire, including works with post-rock and modern jazz artists. He is founder and owner of Diacronie Lab, a music studio and laboratory for modern and contemporary music research and works in Rome.

STREAM (2017)

A stream of electronic articulations; a snapshot of various timbre’s significances organized in space and time.

Ode alla Nostra Dimenticanza (2018)

Deriving from the continuous and incessant media bombardment which we are apathetically trained to, too often the consciousness of certain events is destined to passively pass through us, leaving us with a vague and shapeless feeling of a memory that we will, however soon forget.

Lettera dalle Trincee di Adrianopoli (2021)

Acousmatic work based on the poem “ZANG TUMB TUMB”, written by the futurist poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in 1912. One of its main characteristic is the use of a particular writing technique called “paroliberismo” (words in freedom) which consist of different kind of font size and orientation, together with almost an absence of syntactic grammar and a large use of onomatopeic sounds; all used with the aim of accentuate the dramaturgical load of the ‘great war’ mentioned in the text (the siege of Adrianople during the First Balkan War). This strong imaginative power is recreated through the use of complex technique called “cross synthesis” or “timber morphing”, with the will of giving to the narrative voices a violent timber load mixing harsh concrete sounds with the prosodic articulation of the text.

Voices of EVO Ensemble’s members: Veronica Bartolomei, Virginia Guidi, Ervin Dos Santos, Emanuele Gizzi.

Free Field – interazione/riflessione (2022)

The acousmatic piece “Free Field – interazione/riflessione” comes from the willingness to put a critical emphasis on the consequences of anthropogenic pollution within a natural acoustic ecosystem. For decades now, thanks to specific recording techniques (such as “field recordings “) and to certain compositional forms of concrete music (such as “soundscape”) it is possible to listen and to analyze the biological and physical characteristics of a given ecosystem, making it possible to understand the different biorhythms that characterize it and the forms of life that populate it. Starting from this, the piece declines the richness of the biodiversity of the natural environments surrounding Lake Martignano and Parco del Rigo, emphasizing the potential risk that similar oasis (in slow but progressive decrease and reduction) run in the face of the pressure of the violent and frenetic human industrial machine.

All pieces composed by Edoardo Maria Bellucci
Mix and post-production by Edoardo Maria Bellucci @ Diacronie Lab
Artwork by Edoardo Staffa