Re’call of the void – Seçil Metin

Artist: Seçil Metin
Label: Elektramusic
Release Date: 2023-10-23
Genre: Contemporary
1. Yok
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2. A salutation to Lonnie's lament
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3. Kıyı
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4. It's about rage against time
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5. Birds of Paradise
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6. Gebe
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7. Daydream
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About New Album

You can listen to the preview of this album on this page. Full version is available on streaming platforms and on our  Bandcamp

Re’call of the void
a void,
pursuit of the meaning,
ambiguity of the multiple choice world,
fusions of thoughts,
a trial for telling the stories of
sound and silence,
sounds that got extremely drunk and manipulated between the interaction of a human and a computer…
sounds of the things,,, things that surround and conquers the mind each and everyday with irresistable callings of the consciousness,
with the wings of silence and sound,
just as they are

Seçil Metin is a multi-instrumentalist composer, singer- songwriter, sound designer, fundamentally a sonic nomad based in İstanbul. Her works blends experimental and traditional, acoustic and electronic sonic worlds which takes listener to ambient journeys. She creates dreamy atmospheres with the manipulation of everyday sounds, soundscapes, her acoustic and digital instruments. Voice and sound designs forms the backbone of her musical works. Alongside producing her original compositions she makes music production and sound designs for film, dance, theatre and interdisciplinary works.

She is also the founder of SonikSomatikListening workshops. It is a therapeutic and expressive work that brings together the deep listening meditation and mindfulness sonic somatic practices in a unique way to help releasing the tension from the body and to connect with the inner authentic creativity.