Fuga Interna (begin) – Natalia Górecka

Artist: Natalia Górecka
Label: Elektramusic
Release Date: 2024-04-07
Genre: Contemporary
1. Fuga Interna (begin)
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Fuga Interna (begin) (2011) – a piece for piano and fixed sound
Written by Katharine Norman

Learning, making mistakes, making a progress and finally losing the memory. Using her own experience of being taught by her mother, Norman creates a 10 minute composition based on musical material of J.S. Bach’s Fugue in B minor from Book I WTC. Piano and electronics create coherent whole, passing the musical material to each other, until recognising those two is ”no longer black or white”. Long, lasting chords are often interrupted by short or strongly played notes which break the constant and meditative nature of the piece. A process of learning presented in Fuga, even if based on composer’s memories, reminds me of my own way that I went through. Reminds me of the moment when our mentors pass away, leaving us with the memories and experience.

Natalia Górecka (born 2001) – young accomplished pianist specialised in performing contemporary music. Experienced in working as a soloist and collaborative artist. Górecka performs at international festivals (since 2021 annually performs at Poznań Musical Spring International Contemporary Music Festival) and music conferences (in 2023 she worked for SoundsNow as a international conference coordinator). Regularly takes part in recording sessions. In the area of her musical interests, special emphasis is placed on contemporary music such as electronic and experimental music, as well as piano classic of the 20th century. The pianist actively participates in concert life, conducting artistic activity, giving solo recitals. For Górecka in her activity and career the most important is broadening her horizons and extending the perceptions of contemporary piano music. She is a master’s student at F. Nowowiejski Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz.

Natalia Górecka

Paul Clouvel (electroacoustic sound mixing) is a composer and producer. His areas of expertise are mixed instrumental music, application music for installations, for video or for live performances. The major part of his production consists of electroacoustic pieces and mixed pieces for instruments and electroacoustics. Paul has also developed an intensive practice as an interpreter and performer in electroacoustic music. Clouvel studied at IRCAM Paris, Conservatoire National de Musique de Lyon, Berklee College of Music, and he received prize at Russolo composition competition and residency and bursary from the city of Geneva in Swiss.

Released April 7, 2024
Composition : Katharine Norman
Piano : Natalia Górecka
Sound : Paul Clouvel
Natalia Górecka – Katharine Norman © 2024
Elektramusic Berlin ℗ 2024