Who are we ?

Elektramusic is a music label for contemporary, experimental music, improvisation and sound art. Our aim is to create a platform that would present some of the great music that exists outside the mainstream music industry.

Elektramusic operates as a non-profit organization from Strasbourg in France. Founded in 2003, we produced one of the first web-radio and also a TV internet programme dedicated to experimental music.

As a physical label we mainly focus on concrete and electroacoustic music. After that we organized more than 500 concerts where we invited musicians and composers from all around the word : Meredith Monk, Abril Padilla, Line Katcho, Denis Dufour, Xenia Pestova, and many more.

We have been organising since 10 years an annual season of concerts at MAMCS Museum for Modern and Contemporary Arts in Strasbourg, and also concerts in Swiss, Germany, China…

Since 2018 we also collaborate to produce “Musiques Éclatées” (Exploded music), a annual one-day music festival featuring 10 concerts in 10 different venues such at Strasbourg cathedral, Opera National du Rhin, National library in Strasbourg, also in concerts venues and even…in hotels, restaurants or shops !

Our goal is to support musical creation and make it accessible to everyone, everywhere.

If you are a music lover

Contemporary and experimental music have been for long time attached to the physical mediums such as casettes, vinyl records and the CDs. Then the interest of musicians and producers for the internet was quite low because the sound quality was not always perfect. Today we see that the supply of contemporary music online is very low on the major online music platforms.

Here Elektramusic offer you to discover the projects and works from composers, musicians and musical ensembles from all over Europe, from north to south and from east to west, to reveal the quality and variety of their talent influenced by their different origins and artistic backgrounds.

We are also working to make this fascinating repertoire widely accessible to all on major platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify and others.

If you are a music lover, let yourself be guided by your curiosity by browsing this site and looking for your favorite music and artists on the legal streaming and download platforms. You will be able to support the musicians and listen to music at home, with you, all the time and when you want.

Our goal is to support musical creation and make it accessible to everyone, everywhere.

You are active in contemporary music and you want to share your work with the greatest number of people on the internet ?

If you are a composer, a musician, we can include you in our site, with a dedicated album page, and links to your site or your Youtube pages, Soundcloud, etc., to enhance your work. We also will be happy to promote your work in our site, newsletters, social medias and our events.

If you are a musician, ensemble or producer and you own the exploitation rights for your recordings, we can also act for you as a digital music label and ensure the distribution and sale of your music online, on our site, and on the main legal streaming and downloading platforms: Apple music, iTunes , Amazon, Deezer, Spotify, and others.

We also occasionally produce CDs and we could also become producer of certain musical projects.

Whatever is your musical project, thank you for contacting us and we will be happy to read your message.