Carnet de voyage – Arsis v

Artist: Arsis v
Label: Elektramusic
Release Date: 2023-07-05
Genres: Contemporary, Experimental, Improvisation
1. Cosmic Wind
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2. Taht Alma
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3. Duel
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4. Sparkle Paint
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5. Karstic Spring
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6. Embers
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About New Album

You can listen to the preview of this album on this page, or on all streaming platforms and also on our Bandcamp page.

Carnet de voyage

Carnet de Voyage has been entirely produced between 2021 and 2023 by Arsis v, using binaural techniques for acoustic instruments and field recordings. The work tries to depict a sort of Grand Tour, a slow progression through natural environments such as an under-sea landscape or a karstic cave, blending together nature sounds and musical instruments. The choice of different acoustic environments arises by the idea of accompanying the listener into imaginary locations, travelling across them through a musical vessel. Every song was intended to be written with different artists so to increase the variables at play and exploit mutual artistic view of the process.

Arsis v

Arsis v, born Vittorio Massimo Mazzola in 1986, is an Italian musician and sound engineer. He begins his way into music, studying modern bass guitar and later on developing interests for audio engineering. His interest in audio and psychoacoustics led him to deepen knowledge in binaural recording techniques, which he makes extensive use of in his recordings. He played electric bass in several psychedelic/improvisational musical projects such as Flow Motion, Suspended Land Art Project, One Giant Trip. He also carries on his solo project with the stage-name of Arsis v, producing instrumental and electroacoustic music that draws on psychedelic and nature sounds. Bass guitar and ethnic instruments are largely present in his works, along with field binaural recordings used for conveying music intimacy and aiming at creating immersive atmospheres.


Alessandro Luoni: Drums on track 1
Gaia Ghidini: Violin on track 1
Dario Toscano: Clarinet, Saxophone and Synths on track 2
Massimiliano Varotto: Drums and Percussions on track 3
Oscar Hansson: Synths on track 4
Augusto Gentili: Kaval, Low Whistle, Dizi, Tilinkà flutes on track 5
Mattia Di Cretico (MDC): Synths and lo-fi Tape Machines on track 6
Arsis v: Bass Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Synths, Field Recordings on all tracks.
Written, recorded, mixed by Arsis v
Video on song 1, 2 and 5 by visual artist Alessandra Barni
Graphics by Roberto Macchi.