Trois pièces Levogyres – Jorge Sad Levi

Artist: Jorge Sad Levi
Label: Elektramusic
Release Date: 2020-11-30
Genres: Contemporary, Electroacoustic
People: Jorge Sad Levi
1. Preview - Hiancia IV
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2. Preview - Va-(a)u-tour(s)
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3. Preview - Lo nuevo es la memoria radiante del pasado
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Commissioned by the Musical Research Group of París and composed in the studios of this institution. The movement of sounds evokes the threatening flight of these birds of prey, a metaphor for a country frozen in the circularity of its history. The return of the repressed – Persecutions, political prisoners. The circ.ular history of a cannibalistic country, which goes around its own shadow. Enclosed, (which in Spanish is the past tense of the first person singular of “to get sick”) by circles of birds that feed on death and oblivion. Space as a metaphor for this flight around those who remain motionless while night falls on their heads.

Hiancia IV
I composed and recomposed this piece without being guided by an idea of development towards a teleological goal but rather oriented in the research of sound materials whose trajectories in space follow similar paths, beyond its morphological heterogeneity. A silence (a gaping hole) divides the piece into two asymmetrical parts.

Lo nuevo es la memoria radiante del pasado
This piece, composed during the pandemic, is made of twisted and seemingly untamed chaotic materials that gradually take on meaning over time. A video version produced by Pablo Magne, intervenes these sound images in a disturbing way.

Jorge Sad Levi
Jorge Sad. Buenos Aires, 1959. Composer/Improviser/Researcher. His music has been played in festivals and concerts in South and North America, Asia and Europe. A significant part of his work was produced working with improvisers and live electronics “Músicas de una etnia imaginaria” (2000), “Retransmisión” (2006) and “Amusia” (2017).