Steady states and Unstable Elements – FL2C Kris Behrendt / Paul Fletcher

Artist: FL2C Kris Behrendt / Paul Fletcher
Label: Elektramusic
Release Date: 2024-05-13
Genre: Contemporary
1. Sonic mist
2. Radio wave signals
3. Unstable
4. The Cold years
5. The Formless
6. Wave Receptors
7. Circling Overhead
8. Can’t find my place
9. The Waiting
10. Escape
11. Midnight at Sinus Beach
About New Album

You can listen to the preview of this album on this page. Full audio version is available on streaming platforms. The purchase on Bandcamp of the album includes the audio file and the link to the full concert video of the work (1h10mn).

 FL2C Kris Behrendt / Paul Fletcher

The name FL2C – refers to the original geographic regions of residence of its two collaborators, Lockwood Australia, Calenberg Germany. “From Lockwood to Calenberg” or “FL2C” is the name penned by Kris Behrendt for this collaboration that began 11 years ago. Kris Behrendt and Paul Fletcher, have never met each other and know very little about each other apart from, over a decade of sharing and building musical constructions across the internet and between two very distant continents.

In 2013 as FL2C , they released , “Night Falling”, “Jupiter Radio” “The Laboratory” and “Neutron Star”. In 2015 they completed two albums “Tribus” and “Scapes and Scenes” via Bandcamp. Various other works completed and released through Bandcamp and SoundCloud with a consistent development and refinement of noise, drone, soundscape and ambient interests.

The process behind this music is a kind of delayed and remote, call and response process developed intermittently over the last decade. Paul might, for instance, send a dense composition of stems to Kris who would then select and shape these stems into one or more new compositions sent back to Paul for further responses, additional elements or suggested changes, and then back to Kris for final mixing. At times a simple starting idea from either of the collaborators throws up many new possibilities, leading to several new tracks destined for further listening or… only fit for the virtual waste bin! Throughout all these processes there has always been an unspoken respecting of each others’ musical styles and gestures.

“Steady states and Unstable Elements” represents for us, mathematical, scientific, social, climate, mental, and philosophical views of the world. Musically this includes obstinate ostinati, insistent pulses and drones integrated with more vapour-like mysterious atmospheric soundscapes.

  1. Sonic mist. A dense thicket of gliding and drifting drones . Starting in a, perhaps smog filled atmosphere, gradually revealing a blurred orchestral like sound of human activity and only, in the final stretch of the 8 minute composition revealing a quieter forest of life underneath all the layers of sonic mist and debris.
  2. Radio wave signals and whispers. The cauldron of radio wave data, invisible signals and whispers that tumble and flow around us constantly.
  3. Unstable Ominous ostinati and gliding tones approach the listener ever so slowly. Patterns emerge and subside from competing rhythms and layers as they pass by the listener.
  4. The Cold years. An audio evocation of coldness in climate and attitudes. A deep sphere of steady states and unstable elements competing for attention and investigation, forming an ever evolving zeitgeist of each and every moment.
  5. The Formless. With a sound reminiscent of a fly stuck in a bottle… this formless impression staggers along until it stops.
  6. Wave Receptors. Wave-like sensations float , drift and bounce into view, gathering momentum around a central flow of sonic particles before dissolving and fading away.
  7. Circling Overhead. Circular patterns intermingle and coalesce occasionally, in patterns of flocking and dispersing as they travel across the stereo field. Single lines or leaders of the sonic pack almost form melodies but always remain part of the moving texture.
  8. Can’t find my place. Lost in uncertainty and hesitation. New beginnings and old paths collide and jostle for selection as new patterns emerge.
  9. The Waiting. So many things are noticed while waiting. Overcoming an impatience to move on, viewing waiting not as inertia but a noisy space of new possibilities just waiting for the right moment. Acoustic percussive elements join and form the basis for synthetic drones and resynthesis techniques.
  10. Escape. A soundtrack for an imagined film.
  11. Midnight at Sinus Beach. Waves of gentle filtered noise and lush clusters of tones and drones permeate and percolate in this quiet place.