Solipsism – Finbarr Dillon

Artist: Finbarr Dillon
Label: Elektramusic
Release Date: 2020-07-02
Genres: Contemporary, Electroacoustic
People: Finbarr Dillon
1. Poverty of Aspiration - preview
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2. Solipsism - preview
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3. The Tragedy of Perfection - preview
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4. The Vagaries of Behaviour - preview
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The Poverty of Aspiration (duration 2h02)
Solipsism (duration 1h50)
The Tragedy of Perfection (duration 1h40)
The Vagaries of Behaviour (duration 2h13)

Finbarr Dillon
Finbarr Dillon is a sound designer and composer living in the Burren region of Co Clare, Ireland, working in the areas of Electroacoustic, Acousmatic and Radiophonic Sound Collages to create “Fixed Media and Interactive Installation” pieces of Sound Art. He has studied Electroacoustic and Computer Music in both TCD and the University of Limerick to Masters level. His primary instrument is the synthesiser ie “Tactile, Hardware” electronic instruments and “Software and Computer based systems”.

“With the aide of computers, my musical creations are realized entirely in the digital realm. This in turn, presents me with the opportunity to call upon an entirely new sonic pallet, allowing for the manipulation of both the spectral and temporal attributes of the sound. Audio programming languages offer a near infinite number of possibilities for the synthesis and manipulation of sound.”

“I derive and get most of my inspiration from two sources. Firstly, a passage from the book “The New Atlantis” (1627), by Francis Bacon. And the second source, a lot of the source material and ideas for my compositions come from the attributes and idiosyncrasies of the Natural World. I have used MRI Brain Scans of MS suffers as source material, the digital data of the digital images, or using the protein sequence of “alpha-Carotene” as the compositional source material, for a piece. And then, there is the Seismic Data recorded from the North Clare Earthquake of the 6th of May 2010, which is the loudest recording of any seismic event on the island of Ireland.

My thinking on sound is that the character and quality of the sound, and the context into which the sound is placed in, are all characteristics of the sound, all of equal importance, to the attributes of pitch and the temporal qualities of the sound. There is no such thing as a bad sound, only a sound unsuitable for a specific given situation”.