Lost it – İlk Zamanlar

Artist: İlk Zamanlar
Label: Elektramusic
Release Date: 2023-01-03
Genres: Contemporary, Electroacoustic, Experimental
1. Lost it
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İlk Zamanlar

The band is a creative duo from Istanbul, Beyoglu. Epifani Nota is an multidisciplinary artist. Dulger is a painter and a musician. İlk Zamanlar takes the inspiration from İstanbul streets and underground scenes as well as daily life, suburbians, artist struggles, nightlife in the city, personal history, socio-economic conditions in the lands, gender issues, and very subjective worldviews of various current situations, paintings, abstract atmosphere and more.

The music journey started at the beginning of the pandemic. In this process, İlk Zamanlar created journeys between genres, passing through various characters and moods, often by improvising and lightly editing, or creating specific conceptual structures from time to time. The production style is minimal; Epifani; lead vocalist, songwriter and storyteller, and Dulger is a sound designer and producer. They both involve various phases of arrange, production and whole creation. Childhood memories, daily life, the right to have fun, inner conflicts and monologues, the passage of time, can be what they tell. Their works, mostly spread from the field of music to the fields of sound, story and performance. They use an experimental approach at creating phases, being in thresholds when it comes to styles, zones which are identified in strict ways. This various views of tracks and voyager approach is coming from the scenes of globalism, internet culture, lack of belonging, as a voice of generation.  


About the single : Lost it

The love, the rule, the wanted, the dominated, the love, the desire, the hostile, unwanted. ”Lost it” tells the story of dilemmas of love, the power relationship between sides, the freewill in giving, the freewill of wanting and finding the free love in the power which try to rule around us.