ABC trío

This trio, which was created in the year 2010, is composed by Gonzalo Biffarella, Gustavo Alcaraz and Julio Catalano. It focuses in designing and programing interactive gestual controlled instruments.

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A distancia


In Mapuche’s tongue (native people of argentinian patagonia) Allkünoir is an expression that is used to define “attentive listening”. Andrea Escobar and Daniela Campisi focus their work on the search for new sounds within the field of Argentine mixed music, exploring listening into the timbre.

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Antero Luís

Since 2008, Luís develops an ongoing project in collecting the immaterial sound heritage of several areas of Portugal. He has a degree in Artistic Studies and a postgraduate degree in Portuguese Cultural, Traditional and Popular Heritage.

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After eclectic careers ranging from jazz to contemporary music, passing through classical music or pop and rock, Tiri Carreras and Dom Dubois Taine met during an improvised music jam session organised by the double bass player Benjamin Duboc at the Fabricason in Malakoff (near Paris), in 2007. They then created the duo bBlunk, piano-drums, then zBlug, electronic-percussion.

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Biffarella Gonzalo

Gonzalo Biffarella is a musician, multimedia artist, university professor, cultural manager. He was born in 1961. He studied composition at the National University of Córdoba, Argentina.

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Miro a Miró

Bresciani Rafael

Rafael Bresciani, or bresciani, is a sound and media artist who works with data and algorithms. In his work, he crafts sonic contexts by mixing composition, real instrumentation, generative music and field recording to introduce the listener into a whole universe of sound possibilities.

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VOX AETERNA – The Covid Variations


Carreras Tiri

Drummer and improviser, Tiri Carreras started practicing the instrument as a teenager, playing immediately in a band. After a rocky start, Tiri turned to jazz and then to free improvisation. 

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Chab Gustavo

Composer of mostly electroacoustic works that have been performed in the Americas and Europe. His compositions, including works for instrumental, electronic music, and performances frequently explore the spatialization of sound within the composition, mixing fixed media acousmatic and sound generation in real time.

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Invisible Shapes

Spiral Voice

Chang Shan-Shih

Shan-Shih Chang is a Taiwanese violinist. She comes from a family of artists, her father is opera singer, her mother painter and calligrapher, and her brother also a violinist. In 2018, she won 1st Prize at the Vienna Grand Prize Virtuoso Competition, 2nd Prize at the Competition The North International Music Competition and 2nd Prize at The 30th European Music Competition Competition Città di Moncalieri.

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Dillon Finbarr

Finbarr Dillon is a sound designer and composer living in the Burren region of Co Clare, Ireland, working in the areas of Electroacoustic, Acousmatic and Radiophonic Sound Collages to create “Fixed Media and Interactive Installation” pieces of Sound Art.

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Distractfold – Ensemble

UK-based ensemble, Distractfold, are a group of performers, composers and curators all acting out of shared love, passion and interest in the music and culture of our times. Coming from different continents, backgrounds and having received a diverse education, together they create a nexus of ideas and influences which all contribute towards the ensemble’s unique voice and identity. They perform acoustic, mixed and electroacoustic music of their peers.

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The New Unusual

Charred Edifice Shining

Doblinger Teresa

The Austrian Clarinettist and dancer Teresa Doblinger (1992) is right now living in Portugal, following the intense contemporary dance training program of Performact.

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Doblinger Teresa

Duo Dubois

The Duo Dubois comes from a shared love for contemporary music of two instrumentalists, Alberto Cavallaro (Saxophone) and Federico Tramontana (Percussion). The passion for new sound possibilities between these two kinds of instruments lead the Duo Dubois on a working research project with the CIDIM (Italian National Music Committee) for the creation of a new repertoire for this group. 

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Duo Dubois

Duo ESSE (Er Eda & Sieger Simon)

Two artists with different backgrounds in any sense is a piece of evidence for both of them; their difference can only make them complementary. The easiest way to produce something would be to find a common ground for any collaboration, but that is exactly what they refuse to do. On the contrary, they chose to show the potential of standing side by side, without compromise or adaptation.

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ESSE Début

Duo TRoneitor

After several years of transiting singing, contemporary music, musical theatre and free improvisation, musicians Natalia Cappa and Lucas Werenkraut meet to deepen into their own research and sound experimentation by creating the Duo TRoneitor in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in January 2018.

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¿Qué Ruido es Ese?


Ensemble Vertebrae

Founded in 2009 by the flautist Olivia Abreu and the pianist Anna Paolina Hasslacher, Ensemble Vertebræ presents chamber works for various formations. Its creative process is based on searching, premiering and furthering contemporary innovative repertoire in musical performances, didactic concerts for children and young people, lectures and pedagogical workshops, as well as working closely with composers for novel pieces.

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Live Recordings


Here you can find a collection of electroacoustic and concrete music works from various composers from all around the word with this selection made by Elektramusic.

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Electroacoustic music 1

Electroacoustic music 2

Electroacoustic music 3


Forcucci Luca

Luca Forcucci is a composer, artist and researcher, who investigates sonic perception in relation to space, memory, subjectivity and consciousness. His work combines electroacoustic aesthetics, field recordings, live electronics, sound installations, texts, photography, video, architecture, art and science research. He regularly presents his work around the globe in well regarded contexts.

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Luca Forcucci Bodyscape album

Fortin Emilie

Émilie Fortin is a passionate musician and teacher working to push the technical limits of the trumpet and redefine the traditional concert experience. Always seeking to enrich the repertoire of her instrument, she has participated in the creation of more than thirty works internationally, both solo and as part of a wide-range of ensembles.

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Fortin Emilie

Fresnais Gilles

Paris-born composer Gilles Fresnais studied acoustic in the CNAM (Conservatoire national des Arts et Métiers) and sound engineering in the École de Vaugirard (École nationale supérieure Louis-Lumière) and in the IDHEC (Institut des hautes études cinématographiques) as an intern. He is convinced that the natural and ”concrete”sounds can reveal a real beauty.

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De la nature des sons 

Sonner – résonner


Gallardo Arbeláez José

José Gallardo Arbeláez is a composer-Medellín EAFIT University. He graduated from the National University of Colombia with a Master of Aesthetics. He has composed for various ensembles, especially dedicated to experimenting with computer generated music and traditional instruments. 

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Gammino Giuseppe

Born in Palermo in 1983, Giuseppe Gammino attended at the Conservatory of Music “V. Bellini” of Palermo, where got a bachelor degree in violin. He attended at the University of Palermo, where he got his master degree (laurea magistrale) in musicology under the guidance of Massimo Privitera. He played in a lots of orchestras, he collaborates with the press area of the Massimo Theatre of Palermo and the press area of “Musicheria Magazine On-Line”.

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Gammino Giuseppe

Golec Szymon

Szymon Golec (born 2002 in Cracow, Poland) is a composer, experimental music producer, instrumentalist and vocalist. His main musical goal is to create his own, intimate sound worlds. He draws inspiration from visual arts and symbols. His interests include sound design, electroacoustic, acousmatic and improvised music. 

Golec Szymon

Gorandi Damián

Damián Gorandi (11-11-1991, Arg) is an Argentine composer based in France. His works are performed all over the world in theaters and festivals such as National Philharmonic of Moscow, Festival Musica Strasbourg, Electroacoustic Festival of New York, Multiphonies Ina Grm (Paris), Crossroads Mozarteum (Vienne), Samplers Series (L’auditori, Barcelona), CCK (Buenos Aires), among others. 

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Gorandi Damián

Górecka Natalia

Natalia Górecka (born 2001) – young accomplished pianist specialised in performing contemporary music. Experienced in working as a soloist and collaborative artist. Górecka performs at international festivals (since 2021 annually performs at Poznań Musical Spring International Contemporary Music Festival) and music conferences (in 2023 she worked for SoundsNow as a international conference coordinator).

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Hinz Sylvia

Sylvia Hinz is an instrumentalist, conductor and teacher. She is also the founder of the Ensembles XelmYa, Umbratono and others. Praised for her equally fierce and bold dramatic performance style, Sylvia Hinz is one of the leading recorder players worldwide, specialised in contemporary music and improvisation.

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Windserie I – II

Heidi Hörsturz

Heidi Hörsturz is a new media artist based in Rotterdam. She deals with the various facets of the moving image and sound. She works in a wide range of computer animations, audiovisual performances and multimedia installations. In her works she examines the influence of new technologies and the social questions that have arisen as a result of digital development.

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Heidi Hörsturz


İlk Zamanlar

İlk Zamanlar is a creative duo from Istanbul, Beyoglu. Epifani Nota is an multidisciplinary artist. Dulger is a painter and a musician. İlk Zamanlar takes the inspiration from İstanbul streets and underground scenes as well as daily life, suburbians, artist struggles, nightlife in the city, personal history, socio-economic conditions in the lands, gender issues, and very subjective worldviews of various current situations, paintings, abstract atmosphere and more.

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Uzayda Bir İşaret


Kunz Belinda

Belinda Kunz forms a duo with the pianist Valentin Mansard, with whom she was selected in 2019 to take part in the Wigmore Hall International Song Competition. She initiated several projects: Voix en miroir, with the poet Irina Breitenstein, La Barca d’Amore, a baroque and contemporary cabaret, with several colleagues from Génération Baroque, and Un Mundo Raro, an experimental lyrical cabaret with cello and jazz guitar. In recital, she explores a vast repertoire of German, French, Spanish, English, and American songs, of ancient, classical, romantic or contemporary styles.

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Kunz Belinda

Kuzmanović Vladan

Vladan Kuzmanović is engaged in research in the field of electroacoustic music, exo-acoustic fields, sub-acoustics (below 20Hz), cutoff frequencies and pitch, differences in sound and silence, negative sound, sublimative compositions, supraoustic (above 20 kHz), use of exotic scales (Maqam, Slendro, Bohlen-Pierce, Gamut-ragas) in microtonal compositions, by exposing shifts tonal at macrotonal intervals, forming a triple tonal pattern: microtonal-tonal-macrotonal (microtone above 1/10 sec, tone 1-8 sec, macroton above 8 sec), which would correspond to conventional music, nonoctave and ambient.

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Les Macrotonalités


Marselje Doriene

Doriene Marselje has been surrounded by music since before she was even born so naturally she started playing an instrument at a very young age. Much to her parents delight she chose the harp! Luckily, her talent and dedication soon began to bear fruit; within a year she received the Young Talent Prize of the Gergiev Festival at the concert hall, De Doelen, of Rotterdam, which is where she also gave her very first solo recital at age 7.

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in a landscape

Mieville Emmanuel

Paris-born composer Emmanuel Mieville studied sound engineering in a film school and musique concrète at the GRM (Groupe de recherches musicales) with Philippe Mion and Jacques Lejeune.He has also studied ethnic instruments and played Javanese gamelan in Paris for two years.

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Four Wanderings in Tropical Lands


Montes Diego

Diego Aníbal Montes was born in 1958 in Córdoba (Argentina). Firstly, in 1984, he graduated at the Conservatorio de Música in Córdoba where he was awarded the diploma as a clarinet teacher. Afterwards, he settled down in Cologne (Germany) in order to complete his career at the Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen (Germany), eventually obtaining his diploma as soloist in his instrument.

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Unkodifizierte Gefahr – Uncoded Danger – Peligro no codificado

Montes Diego & Biffarella Gonzalo

“For the communion of these worlds I had to look for someone who enjoyed a vast compositional experience and who had worked in these worlds. My friend and composer Gonzalo Biffarella would be the tinder and, later, the bonfire. The project had its origin and development, thanks to the joint work between Anahí Montes, Gonzalo Biffarella and Diego Montes, we navigated between peace and storm, between the apparent tranquility of understanding and seeing how those meanings are diluted in the musical plot to later return back.” – Diego Montes

Voces con Memorias – Voices with Memories


Pastorino Paolo

Paolo Pastorino (Sassari – Italy – 1983) is an acousmatic composer and music technologies professor in high school. He graduated in electronic music and sound technologies at the Conservatory of Sassari and he is specialized in the same course at the Conservatory of Cagliari, both cum laude.

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Dicotomia Paolo Pastorino album

Pradilla Ricardo Cuardos

As a performer, he has worked on projects ranging from the repertoire of 20th and 21st Century composers to using new technologies to explore the limits of his instrument, working with composers such as Mesías Maiguashca, Blas Emilio Atehortúa, Luciano Azzigotti, Valentín Pelisch, Ezequiel Ezquenazi and Juan Ortiz de Zárate, among others.

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Rio Electrico


Rotari Ghenadie

Ghenadie Rotari is a very active musician who has performed in prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall in New York, Kioi Concert Hall in Tokyo, Musikverein and Radiokulturhaus in Vienna, Gasteig in Munchen, Teatro Regio in Turin, St. Martin in the Fields in London and others.

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elegia Ghenadie Rotari album


Sad Levi Jorge

Jorge Sad. Buenos Aires, 1959. Composer/Improviser/Researcher. His music has been played in festivals and concerts in South and North America, Asia and Europe. 

Listen to the albums:

Trois pièces Levogyres
album Jorge levi
Musicas De Una Etnia Imaginaria


Música para (seres) parlantes

Sakagoshi Yui

Yui Sakagoshi is a Japanese saxophonist based in Paris and Strasbourg. Her personal and academic research focuses on contemporary theatrical music, and she develops her musical projects on several aspects, like live electronics, musical gesture, body gesture, voice and movement in music.

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Yui Sakagoshi 

Shimizu Chatori

Chatori Shimizu (b. 1990) is a Dresden based composer and sound artist, who constructs his works for a wide range of mediums concerning the time identity in sound. Ranging from orchestral works to sound installations, all of his works “engage in repetitive patterns of sound motifs, which aims for the slightest change in the pattern to act as an accent” (New York Seikatsu), and is described as “a flared infotainment playground” (Mehrlicht Dresden). ​

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Silhouettes Contemporaines – Benoît Segui & Bastien Pouillès

Both from the south of France, Benoît Segui and Bastien Pouillès met at the University and Conservatory of Aix-en-Provence (France). The idea of creating a duo became obvious and never left them. During their career in higher education institutions in France and abroad, the project was further developed through their meetings and experiences, to specialize in creation, contemporary music and new concert experiences.

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Silhouettes Contemporaines
Traversée I 

Thu Bird

As Thu bird, composer Tuce Alba is an Istanbul-based artist. She creates spatial and temporal spaces in different ways in the music with using analogue synthesizers, instruments, field recordings, all kinds of tools that break the silence that turns into sound. She takes the sound in three dimensions and keeps it motionless in the fiction.

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Black Mind - Thu Bird
black mind



zBlug is a duo of improvised music mixing electronics and acoustic percussions. Tiri Carreras on the horizontal bass drum, cymbals and multiple objects allowing to create original and new playing modes. Dom Dubois Taine on keyboard, pedals and potentiometers, driving a palette of FM synthesis sounds of his own making via Max MSP interface.

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