Artist: Allkünoir
Label: Elektramusic
Release Date: 2020-10-19
Genres: Contemporary, Electroacoustic
People: Allkünoir
1. Preview - Rogativa para cada luna
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2. Preview - Las orillas son otras
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3. Preview - Esquisse/o/phrenia
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About New Album

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Andrea Escobar – flute
Daniela Campisi – piano

“Rogativa para cada luna” – Composer Nicólás Rodríguez
“Las orillas son otras” – Composer Nicólás Rodríguez
“Esquisse / o / phrenia” – Composer Jorge Sad Levi

Allkünoir – the album
In Mapuche’s tongue (native people of argentinian patagonia) Allkünoir is an expression that is used to define “attentive listening”. Andrea Escobar and Daniela Campisi focus their work on the search for new sounds within the field of Argentine mixed music, exploring listening into the timbre. Conceiving electronics as one more member of the ensemble, along with the flute and piano, Allkunoir establishes a chamber experience in the works of the composers Nicolás Rodríguez and Jorge Sad Levi.

Allkünoir – the duo
ALLKÜNOIR is a flute and piano duo made up of the flutist Andrea Escobar and the pianist Daniela Campisi, both from Argentina. Since 2018 the training specializes in a solid project of work and dissemination of pieces by Argentine and Latin American composers.

Allkünoir’s repertoire is fundamentally mixed, although it also addresses acoustic works. They have premiered monographic works by representative composers for the field of Argentine electroacoustic and mixed music, such as Jorge Sad, of which they premiered “El Reino del rêve” (work in progress – 2018) and “Esquisse / o / phrenia” (2019). They have also ventured into the work of young and innovative composers such as Nicólás Rodríguez, of which they premiered and disseminated the works “Las orillas son otros” (2018) and “Rogativa para cada luna” (2019).