1881 – Luís Antero

Artist: Luís Antero
Label: Elektramusic
Release Date: 2021-02-24
Genres: Contemporary, Electroacoustic
People: Luís Antero
1. 1881_I (a chegada) (preview)
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2. 1881_II (neve e gelo) (preview)
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3. 1881_III (água e vento) (preview)
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4. 1881_IV (o pastor e partida) (preview)
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“The first expedition to Serra da Estrela took place in the year 1881, organized by the Society of Geography of Lisbon and had several distinguished members of this association: Dr. Martins Sarmento and doctor Sousa Martins. The objective was to carry out a scientific exploration of one of the most inhospitable areas of the country, very little knowned until then. […]

This sound work is based on and inspired by the scientific expedition to Serra da Estrela, Portugal, in 1881. From it, I tried to elaborate an aural representation, based on my knowledge of Serra da Estrela and the sounds that the expedition members could, eventually, hear – wind, snow, water, shepherds, sheep… – as well as soundscapes created for moments of reflection, study and writing about the mountain landscape and the objectives of the expedition, linked, above all, to the health area, since at that time, in Portugal, tuberculosis was the biggest and most serious disease.
For this sound composition, in addition to original field recordings recorded at various points in the Serra da Estrela, I also used original environmental music, as well as granular synthesis techniques.

Luís Antero
Sound artist. Since 2008 he develops an ongoing project in collecting the immaterial sound heritage of several areas of Portugal, through field recordings that can be found at www.luisantero.yolasite.com and www.luisantero.bandcamp.com. Have a degree in Artistic Studies and a postgraduate degree in Portuguese Cultural, Traditional and Popular Heritage.

Original map on the album cover: Society of Geography of Lisbon
Artwork: Luís Antero