Underground transformations – Lino Strangis

Artist: Lino Strangis
Label: Elektramusic
Release Date: 2023-03-09
Genres: Contemporary, Electroacoustic, Experimental
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3. Track 3
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4. Track 4
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5. Track 5
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6. Track 6
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About New Album

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In this album, which is the stylistic sequel to Along Rough Paths, the improvisations of various Synthesizers and electric guitar are joined by field recordings especially in 2 tracks which are homages to 2 artists highly esteemed by Strangis (All Them Witchies and Franco Battiato).

The composition shows 9 fragments which, although going in independent directions, build a dramaturgy (understood as the writing of the action) of moments that are sometimes disconnected but only apparently. This “electrocaustic drama” embodies the metaphor of the constant, not immediately visible transformations by which every living thing is constantly mutated (from the stars in the depths of space to the smallest of bacteria).

Lino Strangis

Lino Strangis is an intermedia artist, director, performer and musician. In addition to creating the music for his video art works, interactive installations and virtual reality worlds, for years he has been engaged in free sound improvisations with many types of musical instruments. He uses many different types of synthesizers and electro-acoustic instruments such as bass and electric guitar as well as home-made instruments. Lino Strangis uses to blend musical and sound elements from different musical genres and modes and engages in various and different approaches to instantaneous composition. Mostly the basis of his sets starts from experimental electronic music to open up to psychedelic flavors and hypnotic environments but also to approaches from rock, metal, punk. For Lino Strangis, the artist is the glitch that can bring creative error into the world dominated by machines and software. You can visit his website here.