Land/Unland – LIGNIN’

Artist: LIGNIN'
Label: Elektramusic
Release Date: 2023-06-15
Genres: Contemporary, Experimental, Improvisation
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About New Album

You can listen to the preview of this album on this page, or on all streaming platforms and also on our Bandcamp page.


If we would listen closely to this recording, sooner or later we might ask ourselves if this album is a composed combination of two distinguished solo opuses put together. The extremely minimalistic setup for this recording with the very few modular units chosen by Sarigöl combined with a beat box and a strict improvised acoustic piano by Solomon without any electronic means put forth the assertive approach of the duo.

In a non-compromised approach the two protagonists confront their instruments and experiences onto a common language of De-domesticating reduced existential individual perspectives and ownerships into a new original domain. Naked like growing plants immersing from earth the musicians draw with bare hands the wall of their cave with no prediction and the only conviction of their natural Freedom.

LIGNIN’ is the collaboration of improvisers Or Solomon (electronics & piano) and Melih Sarıgöl (modular synthesizers). Thriving from the ebullient scene of European improvised and experimental music, the two musicians met in Berlin in 2019 and instinctively started their recorded improvisations.

Crossing freely all boundaries of aesthetics, the two artists melt distinctive personal experience into imaginary hymns and sound poetry. Their improvisation performances, either in Live or studio recorded sessions, reveals and unfolds an on-going story-telling in constant transformations.

Recorded on 18.11.2022 in Pianocenter, Berlin
Produced and Performed by LIGNIN’
Cover art by Melih Sarıgöl