Learn more about… Doriene Marselje – “in a landscape”

Learn more about… Doriene Marselje – “in a landscape”

Doriene Marselje has been surrounded by music since before she was even born so naturally she started playing an instrument at a very young age. Much to her parents’ delight she chose the harp! Doriene Marselje’s career as a soloist includes performances in some of the most prestigious concert halls in The Netherlands and in various countries around Europe.  Discover her new album here !

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Doriene Marselje introduces her new album entitled “in a landscape” in a filmed interview. She talks about her beginnings in music with the harp and her inspirations for the album. She also explains why she chose to call it “in a landscape” and what it means to her. If you are curious and want to know more, watch the video below.

“French “impressionism” has left us with a rather limited vision of the harp, as if its most characteristic feature were that it could only be played by half-naked girls with long, blond hair, who confine themselves to drawing seductive glissandi from it. But the harp has another harder, louder and aggressive side to it. Sequenza II aims to bring out some of these characteristics, and to make them appear simultaneously: at certain moments it must sound like a forest with the wind blowing through it.” – Luciano Berio

Inspired by Berio, who significantly contributed to an emerging era for the harp, Doriene Marselje recorded pieces by composers who she believes did so as well.

Continuing the path of sonic explorations, Doriene created three electronic pieces which encapsulate fragments of the recorded material. Applying and integrating modular synthesizers and analog effects, these creations might suggest a future direction for the harp as a solo instrument.

During live performances of this album, she uses a 3D visual installation to augment and virtually intensify the experience.

“It has been a big pleasure to explore this sonic world and, more importantly, an opportunity to contribute to a future paradigm” – Doriene Marselje.

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