News from… Luís Antero

News from… Luís Antero

Sound artist. Since 2008 he develops an ongoing project in collecting the immaterial sound heritage of several areas of Portugal, through field recordings that can be found at and Have a degree in Artistic Studies and a postgraduate degree in Portuguese Cultural, Traditional and Popular Heritage.

How did you come up with the idea of this project? Why contemporary music?

Since 2008 I have been developing a project of sound archival and sound documentary in the Serra da Estrela region, where I live. It is therefore a daily and natural inspiration for me, as an artist and as a person who inhabits this territory.

How did you find out about the expedition to Serra da Estrela?

As passionate about Serra da Estrela, the most grandiose in mainland Portugal, and living next to it, I have always been interested in its various themes and areas of knowledge, from Geology to Anthropology, through Ethnography, for example.

Why did you choose this expedition for this project ?

I always had the idea of producing an acoustic representation of that expedition. What sounds did the expedition members hear? Water, certainly, but also mountain cattle, sheep and goats, wind, birds, other geophonic sounds. In August, the month of the expedition, there is no snow or ice in the Serra da Estrela, but snow and ice are the hallmarks of this great mountain, sound marks, if we like, and I also wanted them to be part of this work.

Do you think about making the same work with another scientific expedition?

Well, I don’t know, I never thought about it, but it’s a great idea, really. It is not only about sound art, it is much deeper, it is a dive in a certain territory and we are better off diving if we know it well.

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