Symbols and Visions – Szymon Golec

Artist: Szymon Golec
Label: Elektramusic
Release Date: 2023-10-08
Genre: Contemporary
1. Victory of the Sun
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2. Zion
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3. Lucid Dream
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4. Tempus Fugit - Film Suite
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5. Las Flechas de Cupido
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6. Styx - Stereo mix
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About New Album

You can listen to the preview of this album on this page. Full version is available on streaming platforms and on our  Bandcamp

Symbols and Visions consists of selected works starting from the winter of 2022 till the fall of 2023.

The thing that all of them somehow have in common is the symbolic nature, that is reflected in different ways and by different means through the album. Most of the compositions (5\6) are electronic or electroacoustic with wide pallete of sound synthesis methods: spectral resynthesis, 3d vector synthesis, granular synthesis, wavetable synthesis, Physical Modeling synthesis, FM synthesis – that are combined with sampling, vocal and instrumental recordings. One of them – “Las Flechas de Cupido” is solely an acoustic recording of classical guitar duo with microtonal retuning of one of the guitars, performed by guitarists: Adam Potoczny and Mateusz Wąż, piece was performed twice by the duo.

Album opening compositions “Victory of the Sun” and “Zion”, are inspired by my experience of traveling throughout Israel this summer and seeing, touching and listening to the sacred sights of Judaism on the Holy Land. In these two pieces I my performances on guitar, piano, accordion and singing, I also use samples from the Jewish prayers on the top of the Masada fortress on the Judean Desert while cheering the sunrise, sea waving by night, desert by night, oasis birds, prayers by the Kotel, Western Wall, and muezin preaching mixed alltoegether.

“Lucid Dream” is an Ambient and a bit drone-like composition based on the Physical Modeling synthesis.
“Tempus Fugit – Film Suite” is a soundtrack for my first short movie titled “Tempus Fugit” that I have directed this year.
And “Styx” is the stereo version of a quadrophonic composition of the same title performed at the two Festivals in 2023.

Cover art for the album was made by artist Krystyna Korpyta.