UXO – Walter Sallinen & Klaus Maunuksela

You can listen to the preview of this album on this page. Full version is available on all streaming platforms and also on  Bandcamp. Composition and sound design: Walter Sallinen Libretto and dramaturgy: Klaus Maunuksela Sound design, recording and binauralisation: Kaj Mäki-Ullakko Artistic producer: Taavi Oramo Awake Percussion: Petteri Kippo, Lauri Pekkarinen, Jerry Piipponen, Walter Witick Chorus: Sanni Kriikku, Hannes Mikkelsson, Helena Puukka, Juha Pulli, Juho Keränen, Noora Kauppila Cover art : Jaakko Pallasvuo UXO is an abbreviation of unexploded ordnance. It refers to unexploded bombs, grenades and land mines, which remain in the ground, ready to explode even decades after their use. Like unexploded ordnance, modern reality is full of unexplained threats with no single clear cause. We live in...