Elegia – Ghenadie Rotari

Ghenadie Rotari website Ghenadie Rotari YouTube channel Ghenadie Rotari SoundCloud Ghenadie Rotari Bandcamp Album tracks available for download on our shop : 1. La costellazione del soffione Composer : Corrado Rojac - Ghenadie Rotari, accordion 2. Snefru Composer : Alberto Posadas - Ghenadie Rotari, accordion and electronics 3. Acrylic mixtures II Composer : Luigi Manfrin - Ghenadie Rotari, accordion 4. Elegia Composer : Gabriele Vanoni - Ghenadie Rotari, accordion solo and the Student String Orchestra of the Music Academy of Ljubljana Ghenadie Rotari – accordion The present project is a collection of live private recordings from concerts, exams and public rehearsals in which I performed and which didn’t find their way into a physical CD project. I am very fond of these recordings and am very...