European Laboratory for Creative Music

A Laboratory for Creative Music

The European Laboratory for Creative Music will take place twice a year in different places in Europe to allow sharing experiences and creation of collaborative projects between musicians from eastern and western Europe. If you like Europe, music creation, travels, community life, digital life, rural and urban spaces…this new experience is for you !

We are glad to organize these events with astonishing musical institutions and partners in all Europe. During two sessions every year, musicians will collaborate, share and achieve european projects. This laboratory will also be the time to share new ideas for the future of music in Europe during meetings and workshops, for both audience and musicians.

The place to meet, share, invent, create, perform and built a community

The European Lab for Creative Music is a European creative platform, a space of work and freedom where each musician is able to create with other musicians, in a European space shared by all, without national preference or any borders. This laboratory of ideas will allow musicians to develop and share projects in contemporary music and performance, in the form of self-mentoring, to develop innovative practices: real-time playing, computer music, chamber contemporary music, gestural interfaces, transdisciplinary digital tools.

Musicians will also focus on creating works for public-outdoors-rural spaces, and projects with active participation of audience. Musicians will develop augmented reality projects, in the form of concerts and online concerts, but also in the form of digital applications accessible to all and other shared tools to invent.

The laboratory to collaborate and imagine the future of music in a European shared space

During these two sessions, musicians and audience will build together participatory workshops about musical topics : public rehearsals, workshop for musicians, composers, masterclasses, use of digital tools.

Participants will also be invited to share new ideas about the future of music in Europe, musical activism across borders : how to build a European musical community, the use of digital tools for sharing music, music in public rural and urban spaces, how to imagine music venues after pandemy, or thinking about the active participation of the audience in the process of musical creation.

At the end of the each session, all concerts, projects and workshops will be documented (recordings, books, videos, discs, internet platform), and musicians will be also invited to collaborate together again and their projects will be presented in other European places.

How does it work ?

The European Laboratory for Creative Music is more than a festival or a music camp, it’s a tool for all musicians, students, audience, music activists, producers, citizens across Europe to meet, share and invent the future of music !

In 2021, during two session of severals days in 2 different places in Western and Eastern Europe, one in rural and another one in urban space, you can join to attend concerts by talented emerging or renowned musicians and european ensembles, participe to workshops, public rehearsals, recording sessions, sound installations, conferences, exhibitions, and share with participants your ideas about music and Europe.

First session of European Laboratory for Creative Music will take place in first semester 2021
Programme, registration and details will be announced in December 2020
Dedicated website will be online December 2020

If you are interested or want to become partner of this project, feel free to contact us.