Digital love – Raphaël Languillat

Artist: Raphaël Languillat
Label: Elektramusic
Release Date: 2020-10-12
Genres: Contemporary, Electroacoustic
People: Raphaël Languillat
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1. Crucifixion (perugino)
2. St Jérôme - Wüste (atacama)
3. Flagellatio ii (torso)
4. Pietà (black)
5. Digital love (remix)
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Digital love
Dealing with art history – especially painting and sculpture – and with the re-imagination of mythological and religious narratives, his compositions question both the disappearance of attention, memory and spirituality, as well as the acceleration of time in our global society. Focussing on details, using a stretched time, limited resources and shifted perspectives, Raphaël composes works which position themselves apart from the overwhelming data feed, and – through their immersive character – at the intersection between experimental video, installation and performance.

Raphaël Languillat
Raphaël Languillat (*1989) is a french composer and multimedia artist born in Morocco, merging acoustic instruments and electronic sounds in compositions using extensively the “photographic” (still and moving images), as well as text and color as narrative elements.