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Shan-Shih Chang – Barkauskas Partita

Shan-Shih Chang Facebook Shan-Shih Chang Ulysses Network Vytautas Barkauskas : Partita for Violin Solo Op.12 Vytautas Barkauskas (1931-2020) was a Lithuanian composer and Professor of Composition of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater. The Partita for Violin Solo was composed in 1967. There are five tiny movements, I. Praeludium, II. Scherzo, III. Grave, IV. Toccata, V. Postludium, in total just six minutes in performance. We can hear the most popular dances of the twentieth century: rhumba, blues, beguine. In this recording I am going to share with you the two virtuosic movements: Scherzo and Toccata. Enjoy! Shan-Shih Chang Shan-Shih Chang is a Taiwanese violinist. She comes from a family of artists, her father is opera singer,...