O – Chatori Shimizu

Chatori Shimizu website - YouTube channel - Soundcloud - Bandcamp Album tracks available for download on our shop : 1. Bonsai Modulation 2. Mimi Spelunking 3. Shinkaigyo Bonsai Modulation Diverse sound can be heard from trees and plants. Sound can be heard when the wind rustles the leaves, when the twigs mingle with each other, when humans rub their hands against treebarks, and when branches fall. The trees also produce high frequency waves, much higher than our hearing capacities of 20 ~ 20,000 Hz. All sound materials used in the music of Bonsai Modulation were recorded, sampled and edited from different specimens of trees. Frequencies higher than 20,000 Hz were brought down to our hearing range. Mimi Spelunking From...