The New Unusual – Distractfold

Artist: Distractfold
Labels: dFolds, Elektramusic
Release Date: 2021-03-12
Genres: Contemporary, Electroacoustic
People: Distractfold
Available Now On:
1. 26.04.2015 - The Nave, London
2. -Andrew-Greenwald-A-Thing-Made-Whole-VI
3. Anna Korsun - Lei
4. Sivan Cohen Elias - multicounterspeechless
5. Sam Salem - THIS IS FINE
6. 30.01.2014 - IABF, Manchester
7. Ute Wassermann - Go Between
8. Hanna Hartman - BUG
9. Lee Fraser - Scii Tenaph III
10. 14.06.2016 - KLANG Festival, Copenhagen
11. Santiago Díez-Fischer & Linda Jankowska - We are the birds that stay
12. Giulia Lorusso - Unspoken
13. Steven Kazuo Takasugi - Trapped Animals An Allegory
14. Donal Sarsfield - Apart
15. 03.10.19 - Bludenzer Tage Zeitgemässer Musik, Austria
About New Album

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The New Unusual

The New Unusual is a series of 11 short solo works commissioned in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and recorded in the homes of Distractfold performers between December 2020 – January 2021. Building upon their podcast series, Conversations from Quarantine, The New Unusual seeks to bring together composers, musicians and audiences from around the globe at precisely the moment that COVID-19 keeps us furthest apart.

With the projects global reach presenting an exciting range of internationally recognised composers, including from the UK, Europe, the US, the Global South and the Middle East, Distractfold are excited to present this musical socio-cultural document of the time that we are living in and the conditions under which musicians and composers are currently working.

Access to the fixed audiovisual media for Sam Salems, THIS IS FINE


The new unusual composers are:

Sivan Cohen Elias
Santiago Diez Fischer
Lee Fraser
Andrew Greenwald
Hanna Hartman
Anna Korsun
Giulia Lorusso
Sam Salem
Donal Sarsfield
Steven Takasugi
Ute Wassermann

The project was produced by Daniel Brew and co-produced by Sam Salem. The music was performed and recorded AT HOME by DISTRACTFOLD with Rocío Bolaños on Clarinets and live electronics (London), Daniel Brew on Electric Guitar and performative electronics (Seville), Alice Purton on Cello, voice and live electronics (London) and Linda Jankowska on Violin, object percussion and live electronics (Huddersfield). The album was mixed by Distractfold in collaboration with featured composers. The master was prepared by Richard Scott.

This project would not have been possible without the generous and friendly support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.This artefact is a release by dFolds.


UK-based ensemble, Distractfold, are a group of performers, composers and curators all acting out of shared love, passion and interest in the music and culture of our times. Coming from different continents, backgrounds and having received a diverse education, together they create a nexus of ideas and influences which all contribute towards the ensemble’s unique voice and identity. They perform acoustic, mixed and electroacoustic music of their peers, alongside music of the more established composers with whom they have formed close collaborations and friendships.

Distractfold has been able to invite numerous composers to join them in Manchester for performances at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation – such as Steven Kazuo Takasugi, Hanna Hartman, Weston Olencki, Marek Poliks, Sabrina Schroeder and Lori Freedman to name a few – and have given UK and world premieres of works from composers such as Pierluigi Billone, Santiago Díez-Fischer, Michelle Lou and Andrew Greenwald. Distractfold has also hosted guest performances from artists such as the Mivos Quartet, the Noise Upstairs, Wet Ink Ensemble and Lê Quan Ninh.

Alongside their work in Manchester, Distractfold perform regularly in festivals and concert series at home and abroad. Last season saw appearances at Bludenzer Tage Zeitgemäßer Musik in Austria where we presented two concerts including the world premiere of an evening-length piece by Sam Salem commissioned by the festival; Musica In Prossimità in Pinerolo, Italy; Global Adapter in Berlin and the New Music Manchester Festival in Manchester, UK.

In 2014 Distractfold became the first ever UK ensemble to be awarded the Kranichstein Prize for Interpretation at the 47th International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt.