Invisible Shapes – Gustavo Chab

You can listen preview of this album on this page, on Bandcamp or buy it on our shop. Please also visit Gustavo blogspot or Facebook page. Invisible Shapes Stellar Pulsations for piano and fixed media Inés Victoria Sabatini, piano Inspired by the idea of regular fluctuations and pulsations, I started working on this piece. Stellar involves different kind of transformations of sounds like expansions and contraction to maintain a certain equilibrium; different times scales, regular alternations in the pulsation cycles and evolution of the sound in space. Regular behavior is in contrast with the variability of sound (amplitude an imaginary stellar). Taking different samples of the piano as a form of matter, a selective spatial position of sounds and their trajectories, are some...

Spiral Voice – Gustavo Chab

You can listen preview of this album on this page, on Bandcamp or go on our shop. Please also visit Gustavo blogspot or Facebook page. Spiral Voice A voice from the past come to the present as a Spiral in my mind. This voice is a brief chant in Ladino of my grandfather that emerge like a Spiral in the composition. This excerpt of audio was taken from a video of my family. This work tries to combine sounds that are related with “the voice of Sefarad” (past) and sounds of the present that sometimes come to my mind and appear in form of repetition with punctual sounds. 
Mixing sounds that appear in different manners...