Epars dé​saccords par coups de dés – Diar Zasella & Valentin Sismann

You can listen preview of this album on this page, or on all streaming platforms and also on our Bandcamp page. This album is the product of several sessions of radiocacophonic improvisation, scattered fragments of poetry emerging from the noise. - Piezo pickup, sound bodies, MIDI controllers and factory patch (Diar Zasella) - Feedback console, oscillator, piezo, AM and FM waves (Valentin Sismann) Valentin Sismann Valentin Sismann is a composer, filmmaker and sound engineer. He studied at ESRA where he specializes in Sound-Design and in class of electroacoustic composition of the CRD of Pantin. He was one of the winners of the Mixage Fou 2020 contest in category Surround 5.1, was broadcast on Radio Campus in the program...