Noise To Body – Zils Deless-Veelins

Artist: Žils Deless-Vēliņš
Label: Elektramusic
Release Date: 2023-05-14
Genres: Contemporary, Electroacoustic, Experimental
People: Zils Deless-Veelins
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1. Dirt Unleached desire
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2. Distonic
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3. Dismantle Delusion
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About New Album

You can listen preview of this album on this page, or on all streaming platforms and also on our Bandcamp page.

This album is composed mainly of guitar feedbacks finding their inner variations through the will of a ring modulator system. It is somehow an echo to Music Metal Machine by Lou Reed, Sheer Helish Miasma by Kevin Drumm but may be closer to the Silver Session of Jason Knut (SY4) by Sonic Youth. A raw material used afterwards to create something composed and mixed inside a noise-narrative.

Wall of sound can contain a mind when mental skin failed to do so. Maybe, at some point, my research in noise is an answer to my physical disability. (Hence the cover)

Soul/Body duality was a question for medieval thinkers and still remains vivid with neuro-science fame.

Noise is one answer : a stream of chaos under control, a border within.

Žils Deless-Vēliņš has a mystical relationship to sound and music since he was a child and his crafting of music can be compared to a construction kit game, where music as a whole is more than the sum of sounds. For him, sound has some sort of kinship with the concept of pneuma in Stoician philosophy. Sound expects to be found to become music, lying there in an intuitive background. He worked on a wide range of experimental projects, as a songwriter, sound engineer, and co-founder of the Tremens Archives